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The Car

Sweden has less than 10 million people. There are many developed countries with far more population than Sweden that didn’t make my Seven Countries-Seven Cars exhibit at the Quail Gathering.

Yet, if it were just the bones of Volvo and Saab to pick through for a sculpting subject, I’m not sure Sweden would have made the cut. Thank God (OK, Thank Thor) for Christian von Koenigsegg.
2016 Koenigsegg Regera Christian von Koenigsegg

Since 2002 Koenigsegg has been delivering hyper-cars to discerning clients around the globe. Unlike many small-production-run car companies, Koeingsegg makes most of its components in-house. Typically Koenigsegg cars are known for BIG horsepower ratings, HIGH top-speed claims, and FAST Nurburgring times.

2016 Koenigsegg RegeraThe original CC series (67 made) of Koenigsegg were supplanted by the Agera line (58 made or planned) in 2010. The Regera line (left) debuted in 2015 with a production run of 80 planned. The Regera is notable for relying on electric-only drive below 30 mph, with the addition of direct-drive (no transmission) internal combustion twin-turbo V8 engine of 1100 hp above 30 mph. Combined hybrid / ICE hp rating is 1500.2016 Koenigsegg Regera

The Stone

Low-volume brands that endure develop a recognizable look. Pagani has done it…..Koenigsegg too. If you see both the Koenigsegg CC and Agera, when you first spot a Regera you’d recognize it as a natural evolution of the design language. The blunt nose, the twin flying butresses, and BIG side intakes beginning in the open-up-and-forward doors. It is an expressive language too, though not quite as outgoing as Pagani’s. (Not necessarily a bad thing…….will I like the Pagani styling in 20 years, or Bugatti’s, for that matter?)

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The Regera looks menacing in dark colors. An almost-all-black design is the answer then…….including the wheels. The Spanish Nero Marquina marble sourced has great luster, and enough fine white veining to let you know it is indeed stone.

Swede King……..Koenig translates to King……Regera translates to reign.

Material: Nero Marquina Marble (Spain)

Inspired by: 2015-Present Koenigsegg Regera

Weight: 55 lb

Dimensions: 23" x 10" x 5.5"

Price (USD): $7500 + shipping

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