I’ve been car obsessed since my earliest memories. Through the years I’ve raced, repaired, restored, and brokered too many cars and motorbikes to count. Somewhere along the way I also became a collector of automotive fine art. An unplanned Freedom 55 opportunity and a great art school (Kootenay School of the Arts) allowed me to further channel my car and art obsessions into stone sculpting.

For me, the combination is hard to beat. Complete immersion in both the artistic form of the automobile through the ages, and the planet’s endless bounty of beautiful stone. To cap it off, the climate in Victoria BC allows me to work outdoors, from our property overlooking Haro Strait and the Salish Sea.

I put the rest of my life on hold to pour my soul into a piece for 6-8 weeks. It’s a painstaking, and physically laborious process, and the sculptures don’t look terribly impressive until the last four hours. Those amazing four hours make all of the earlier dust, noise, sweat, and muscle fatigue seem like distant memories.

I look forward to meeting you, and sharing our passions for both art and the automobile.