Kellen Silverthorn is a sculptor specializing in timeless automotive art sculpted from single blocks of the finest quality marble. Silverthorn’s sculptures are stand-alone objects of beauty and artistry, like the cars they mirror. Each piece of marble is hand-picked for its virtual kaleidoscope of natural color and pattern. Indulge yourself with a priceless gift of art that can be enjoyed for generations.

Each one of Kellen Silverthorn’s marble car sculptures represents countless hours of intricate hand finishing, and painstaking inlays interwoven with the latest in computer-aided-milling robotics. Every KSS masterpiece is one-of-a-kind. When the Rosso Laguna (red) Ferrari 330 P4 is sold, there won’t be another created in this combination.

Whether you have a passion for classic cars or muscle cars, Ferraris or Porsches, Mustangs or Lamborghini’s, Silverthorn can sculpt any style or model. So choose a stone, and indulge your imagination with any one of the many iconic cars throughout automotive history.

A combination that is hard to beat. Complete immersion in both the artistic form of the automobile through the ages, and the planet’s endless bounty of beautiful stone. The default order of presentation of Kellen’ sculpture gallery is by alphabetical…

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Which Comes First, the Marble or the Car?

In some cases I start with a stone that has captivated a client (or myself), and that informs the car chosen. For instance Sodalite Royale from Bolivia…

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Contact Kellen to speak about your vision for a distinctive automobile inspired sculpture.

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