The Car

Who is Rudi?  How did this gorgeous car become his ride?

SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe 1955The open-top versions of the 300 SLR sports racers were raced very successfully by Mercedes in 1955. The coupe version of the SLR were further evolutions of this 300 SLR racing model being developed for the 1956 season. The tragic mass-accident at the 1955 LeMans race resulted in Mercedes withdrawing from further competition at the close of the 1955 season.

Mercedes Benz 300 slr Uhlehhaut CopueThat left the two SLR Coupes under development for racing up for grabs as company cars… became Rudi Uhlenhaut’s (MB Motorsports Director) occasional driver. The other example was lost to the sands of time. Too high strung to be a daily driver, Rudi’s was best for high speed intercity trips.

While the SLR had some visual similarities to the production 212 hp six-cylinder 300 SL sports car, the specifications were radically different. The racer boasted a 310 hp straight eight cylinder engine, with desmodromic valve actuation and direct fuel injection. The long hood allowed for a mid-engine placement in the SLR. In board brakes were featured. The body structure in the SLR is an aluminum space-frame cloaked with a magnesium alloy body.
Mercedes Benz 300 slr Uhlehhaut Copue

The only surviving SLR Coupe is housed in the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart. Several pundits regard it as the most valuable car in the world, a theory unlikely to ever be tested in my lifetime, as the car is one of the family jewels for MB. I had the good fortune to crawl around the car for a good thirty minutes at the Mercedes Museum in 2014. (The Porsche Museum is across town….also a must-see.)1810 Mercedes Benz 300 slr Uhlehhaut Copue
The “Uhlenhaut Coupe” was my choice to represent Germany in the Seven Nations-Seven Cars exhibit at the Quail Gathering in Monterey. So many great choices to choose from for that country, but in the end, it wasn’t an onerous decision.

The Stone

The Bardiglio marble is a deep grey, with black, grey and white veining. It is a challenging marble to finish…….hugely time consuming, but very satisfying to complete. The brightwork is by collaboration with metal artist Sean McKenna.

Material: Bardiglio Marble (Italy)

Inspired by: 1955-56 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Coupe

Weight: 46 lb

Dimensions: 21" x 8.5" x 6"

Price (USD): $8200

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